Life Changing Wisdom From Neville Goddard

imagesThe creator of the world works in the depth of your soul, underlying all of your faculties, including perception and streams into your surface mind least disguised in the form of creative fancy. Watch your thoughts, and you will catch Him in the act of creating, for He is your very Self. Every moment of time you are imagining what you are conscious of, and if you do not forget what you are imagining and it comes to pass, you have found the creative cause of your world. – Neville Goddard

All you need do is CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. After clearly defining your aim, sincerely OBSERVE YOUR INNER CONVERSATIONS AND YOUR REACTIONS WITH REGARD TO IT. When your thoughts and reactions are disciplined, your “I” will lift you to your higher level and fulfil your aim. – Neville Goddard

As man begins to awaken, he controls and takes over, and is no longer a victim of his vision, for he has control of his attention. EVERYONE IS FREE TO CREATE HIS WORLD AS HE WANTS IT – if he knows that the whole thing is responding to him.

Everyone here: it need not take you more than thirty seconds to bring about a change of state. What would it be like? And you name your desire. Remain in that state and that state – by the passage of time – will unfold in your world. You do nothing about it once you have entered the state, for the outer must move by compulsion of the inner power. – Neville Goddard

Talking to oneself is a habit everyone indulges in. We could no more stop talking to ourselves than we could stop eating and drinking. All that we can do is control the nature and the direction of our inner conversations. MOST OF US ARE TOTALLY UNAWARE OF THE FACT THAT OUR INNER CONVERSATIONS ARE THE CAUSES OF THE CIRCUMSTANCE OF OUR LIFE. – Neville Goddard

NOTHING HAS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU THAT YOU DID NOT SET IN MOTION IN YOUR IMAGINATION. I tell you: YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE, but when you voice your request, your desire must be genuine. You must so want it that you are willing to REMAIN FAITHFUL to your change in position.

You cannot assume you have your desire for one little moment and then return to your former state, for if you do you are a double-minded man and will not receive anything from the Lord (as told us in the Book of James). If you want to be successful in business, you can. I don’t care how many creditors you owe, or what the bank says you have; IF YOU ASSUME SUCCESS AND PERSIST IN THAT ASSUMPTION YOU CANNOT FAIL. This is the law by which everyone lives. – Neville Goddard

IDEAS ARE IMPRESSED ON THE SUBCONSCIOUS THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF FEELING. NO IDEA CAN BE IMPRESSED ON THE SUBCONSCIOUS UNTIL IT IS FELT, BUT ONCE FELT—BE IT GOOD, BAD OR INDIFFERENT—IT MUST BE EXPRESSED. FEELING is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious. Therefore, the man who does not control his FEELING may easily impress the subconscious with undesirable states. By control of FEELING is not meant restraint or suppression of your FEELING, but rather the disciplining of self to imagine and entertain only such FEELING as contributes to your happiness. Control of your FEELING is all important to a full and happy life. – Neville Goddard

IF YOUR INCOME HAD JUST BEEN INCREASED TO SAY $30,000 A YEAR FROM YOUR PRESENT INCOME OF LESS THAN $10,000, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? How would your present circle of friends see you? Would they know it? Would they discuss it? Would they speak of the change in your life? Tell them, and then eavesdrop and hear your friends discuss you as one who is now making $30,000 a year. That’s a motion in God and that movement will produce results! Everything in this world is nothing more than the result of a movement in God, which is a motion in your wonderful imagination. – Neville Goddard

When our great scientist, Dr. Robert Millikan was young and very poor he set a goal for himself. Condensing his dream of greatness and security into a simple statement, he silently repeated the thought over and over again. This he did until the feeling of greatness and security crowded all other thoughts out of his consciousness. These are his words: “I HAVE A LAVISH, STEADY, DEPENDABLE INCOME, CONSISTENT WITH INTEGRITY AND MUTUAL BENEFIT” – Neville G

While you are here, you can ASSUME ANY DESIRE FOR YOURSELF AND THOSE YOU LOVE. Then you can dare to believe in what you have assumed. And IF YOU CONTINUE YOUR ASSUMPTION, YOU WILL EXPRESS IT. But you must BELIEVE, or you will die in your sins. Always talking to yourself, you are telling yourself that unless you BELIEVE you are the man you want to be, you will remain being the man you don’t want to be, thereby, dying in your sins. – Neville Goddard

Now lets go into silence.

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