Inspired Wisdom From Neville Goddard

images (2)“ALL TRANSFORMATION BEGINS WITH AN INTENSE, BURNING DESIRE TO BE TRANSFORMED. You must want to be different and intend to be before you can begin to change yourself.

Then you MUST MAKE YOUR FUTURE DREAM A PRESENT FACT. You do this by assuming the FEELING of your wish fulfilled. By desiring to be other than what you are, you can create an ideal of the person you want to be and assume that you are already that person. If this assumption is persisted in until it becomes your dominant FEELING, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable.” – Neville Goddard

PROVE to yourself that you are God by FEELING YOUR DESIRE IS NOW AN ACCOMPLISHED FACT. Listen to your friends talk about you. Are they rejoicing because of your good fortune, or are they expressing envy? IMAGINE their words are true. PERSIST in IMAGINING THEY ARE TRUE. Continue to IMAGINE your desire is ALREADY an accomplished fact; and when it is objectively realized, proof will be yours. – Neville Goddard

IF YOU STOPPED DREAMING OF BEING POOR, WHERE DO YOU SUPPOSE POVERTY WOULD BE? If you stopped dreaming about anything that you now think you are, it could be poverty, it could be limitations of the flesh, limitation socially, limitations of anything; if you stopped dreaming that, where do you think that would be? IT EXISTS ONLY IN YOUR IMAGINATION. IF YOU STOP DREAMING ABOUT IT, IT HAS NOT LIFE IN ITSELF, for life is in you, and you animate it and keep it alive. – Neville Goddard

AS YOU KNOW, WE FEEL THAT LIFE SHOULD BE A PERPETUAL INCREASE OF THE THINGS YOU LOVE! THAT, TO ME IS THE ART OF LIVING. In man’s ability to live in the end, to live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, lies man’s capacity to live the more abundant life. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOUR OBJECTIVE IS; FEELING THAT YOU HAVE IT IS LIVING A MORE, ABUNDANT LIFE. – Neville Goddard

Now, IF EVERYTHING IN MY WORLD DEPENDS UPON A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, IT WOULD BE THE HEIGHT OF INSANITY TO SEEK THE THING BEFORE I ACTUALLY FIX WITHIN MYSELF THE STATE ON WHICH THE THING DEPENDS, for that which requires a state of consciousness to produce its effect cannot be affected without such a state of consciousness. So when I know what I want, to support that there is an invisible state of consciousness. The world calls that invisible state a non-existing nothingness. They cannot even call it a thing, for to them it has no existence, no reality. – Neville Goddard

Omnipresent, God is alive in you NOW! So I ask you to test Him. Would you like a better job? Greater income? Greater recognition? What would you do right now if it were true?

NOW, TEST GOD BY THINKING OF A FRIEND. HEAR HIM CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR GOOD FORTUNE. See his face light up with joy and feel his presence. Do that, and you have performed a magical act; for God has acted, and all things are possible to God. – Neville Goddard

“When ye pray, BELIEVE that ye RECEIVED, and ye shall receive.” BELIEVE THAT YE RECEIVE – IS THE CONDITION IMPOSED UPON MAN. Unless we BELIEVE that we RECEIVE, our prayer will not be answered. A prayer – granted – implies that something is done in consequence of the prayer which otherwise would not have been done. Therefore, the one who prays is the spring of action – the directing mind – and the one who grants the prayer. Such responsibility man refuses to assume, for responsibility it seems, is mankind’s invisible nightmare. – Neville Goddard

IF ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO GOD AND IF ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THE BELIEVER, CAN YOU BELIEVE? I am not saying you will succeed the first night, or even the second. Having been trained to accept only what your reason and senses dictate, you may find it difficult, almost impossible, to believe what you could believe -but you can! – Neville Goddard

THE GRAIN OF MUSTARD SEED IS NOT THE MEASURE OF A SMALL AMOUNT OF FAITH. ON THE CONTRARY, IT IS THE ABSOLUTE IN FAITH. Why? Because a mustard seed is conscious of being a mustard seed and a mustard seed only. It is not aware of being any other seed in the world but a mustard seed. It is sealed in the conviction that it is a mustard seed in the same manner that the sperm sealed in the womb is conscious of being man and only man. A grain of mustard seed is truly the measure of faith necessary to accomplish your every objective – your every dream or desire; but LIKE THE MUSTARD SEED YOU TOO MUST LOSE YOURSELF IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF BEING ONLY THE THING YOU DESIRED. – Neville Goddard

To say: “I AM GOING TO BE RICH,” WILL NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN; you must believe riches in by claiming within yourself: “I AM RICH.” You must believe in the present tense, because the active, creative power that you are, is God. – Neville Goddard

When you find yourself in a state or see a seeming other in a state, do not condemn or praise it, for all states exist and no state is greater than another. EVERY STATE IS AN ATTITUDE, A STATE OF EXPERIENCE WITH A BODY OF BELIEFS THAT AN INDIVIDUAL SON OF THE MOST HIGH OCCUPIES. – NEVILLE GODDARD

Your life is nothing more than the out picturing of your imaginal activity, for your imagination fulfils itself in what your life becomes. – Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard Q & A: QUESTION: Isn’t there a law that says you cannot get something for nothing? Must we not earn what we desire?

ANSWER: CREATION IS FINISHED! It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. The parable of the prodigal son is your answer. In spite of man’s waste, when he comes to his senses and remembers who he is, he feeds on the fatted calf of abundance and wears the robe and ring of authority. There is nothing to earn. Creation was finished in the foundation of time. You, as man, are God made visible for the purpose of displaying what is, not what is to be. Do not think you must work out your salvation by the sweat of your brow. It is not four months until the harvest; the fields are already white, simply thrust in the sickle.

WE MUST GET BEYOND THE SENSES AND BEGIN TO CREATE. So I say to everyone that we must start the art of creating, no matter how simple or how big the thing is, no matter what it is that is creating. WE CREATE BY FAITH, AND FAITH IS BELIEF IN THE THING NOT YET SEEN. We create by assembling an image that implies we now have what we want in this world, and if we are faithful we bring it to pass, and as we do it we begin to move through this labyrinthine way for the return of his Son. – Neville Goddard – That Which Already Has Been.

To attempt to CHANGE the circumstances of your life before you CHANGE its imaginal activity, is to labour in vain. This I know from experience. ………………..

I tell you, if you want someone to CHANGE, you must CHANGE your IMAGINAL activity, for it is the one and only cause of your life. And you can believe anything in if you will not accept the facts your senses dictate; for nothing is impossible to imagine, and imagining -persisted in and believed -will create its own reality. – Neville Goddard

Your life is nothing more than the out picturing of your imaginal activity, (beliefs) for your imagination (beliefs) fulfils itself in what your life becomes. – Neville Goddard

Believe in Yourself! You Are Good Enough and You Deserve the Best! PRACTICE THE ART OF IMAGINING and you will discover you can go anywhere and enter any time without the aid of anyone. Move in your IMAGINATION, and people will respond because of your action. DARE TO ASSUME YOU ARE WEALTHY, AND WATCH EVERYONE PLAY THEIR PARTS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE WEALTH YOU CLAIM TO HAVE. They will, for they are only yourself pushed out. – Neville Goddard

YOUR FEELING IS THE SECRET NEVER ENTERTAIN AN UNDESIRABLE FEELING NOR THINK SYMPATHETICALLY ABOUT WRONG IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. Do not dwell on the imperfection of yourself or others. To do so is to impress the subconscious with these limitations. What you do not want done unto you, do not feel that it is done unto you or another. – Neville Goddard

Now lets go into silence.

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