Your Reality Is The Reflection Of Your Self Image Within!

downloadSTART NOW! To operate from your visual capacity (your Imagination) and stop operating from the basis of your Intellectual capacity (Man made ideas and concepts,memory and mechanical thoughts). 

Imagination is your true power within you. Imagination is real, Imagination is infinite, Imagination is limitless and Imagination is alive and active within you right NOW! Don’t limit yourself with your Intellect but free yourself by always imagining the best in everything.

The Power of your human Imagination is the strangest secret in the world and the truth that will set you free is within you. The spirit of truth is within you and there is no God besides me. The kingdom of God is within you.

Imagination is the creative power within you and Imagining creates reality. I AM all imagination. I am reality called imagination and Imagination is reality!

You are the kingdom of God on Earth. Your reality is the reflection of your self image within! Imagining creates reality, Imagination is your mirror within that reflects back your reality. The kingdom of heaven is within. Look within and you will see your true refection. I am the dreamer within, I am all Imagination and I am that I am!

Blessings Always 🙂

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