You Are A Mental Traveler!

State+Of+Mind++ChrisSu+frontDo you know what you want from life? You can be anything you want to be if you know who you are. Start from the premise, “I am all imagination and pass through states,” for eternity (all things) exist now! Having experienced a state and moved into another one you may think the former state has ceased to be, but all states are eternal, they remain forever.

Like the mental traveler that you are, you pass through states either wittingly or unwittingly, but your individual identity is forever. Whether you are rich or poor, you retain the same individual identity when you move from one state into another.

If you are not on guard, you can be persuaded by the press, television, or radio, to change your concept of self and unwittingly move into an undesirable state. You can move into many states and play many parts, but as the actor, you do not change your identity. When you are rich, you are the same actor as when you are poor. These are only different parts you are playing. By Neville Goddard

The world believes in mind over matter, I believe in  Imagination over mind (intellect). I Am not mind.

Why set goals when all you have to do imagine all your desires. No pressure. Instead just imagine what it feels like to have your desires satisfied. Like Neville Goddard always says imagine the end. What will you see and feel like if you become who you really want to be. Imagine the end now. See it and feel it in imagination. Imagining creates reality. Now is reality. What are you imagining now. Imagination is reality.

We are all mental travelers passing from state to state. We are all Imagination and we should all mentally travel to our state of bliss in our Imagination.

Imagination is reality and imagining creates reality, Always imagine the best in everything!


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