Neville Goddard Is Right The World Is Yourself Pushed Out!

I am the master of my destiny. This a moment in my blessed life. Thank you father, my will is done on Earth as it is in heaven(Imagination) it is done and The future is now and now is reality. As you believe in your heart(imagination /God) so shall it be done unto you. Believe and you will see(experience ) the glory of God in your life. Blessings Always. I AM

I tell you: imagining creates reality! If you want to change your life you must become aware of the ideas you are planting in the mind of others! When you meet someone who is negative, put a lovely idea in its place. Then, whenever you think of him, imagine he is telling you something lovely. And, because you now walk in a world that is not disturbed by his negative state, when he finds himself no longer thinking negative thoughts, he will never know you were its source. You will know it and that is all that is important.
Become aware of the thoughts you are thinking and you will know a more pleasant life. It makes no difference what others do; plant loving, kind thoughts and you will be blessed in the doing. Neville Goddard

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