Let’s Make Every Moment Count!

I AMI am the resurrection of life, I am all imagination. I am the mirror within and I am the reflection of the drama within. We create our own reality, Imagining creates reality and I am the creator of my reality.

I am the feeling within, I burn with love and passion for life and I am one with life.

I am life itself , life flows through me and the life force flows through me. I am eternal, immortal and infinite and I am that I am.

I am still here, alive and active. I am thankful and I give praise always.  Life is good!

Let’s make every moment count. Now is reality and reality is happening right now. I am reality called imagination and I live by faith and not by sight, Let’s create our ideal reality by always imagining the best in everything.

Have a glorious week!

I AM That I AM!  Blessings Always 🙂

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