Imagination Is Reality Always Imagine Yourself Blessed!

blessedImagination is reality and imagining creates reality. Always see yourself and experience yourself as blessed, prospering, successful and wealthy in your imagination. Always live and experience your ideal reality in your imagination. 24/7

Living in imagination or in the spirit must become a way of life 24/7. I mean this is a life style for me 24/7. The lord is my Shepard. My God (Imagination) is my only source and my only provider.

Believe is everything and imagining creates reality and now is reality.

If you believe (imagine) you can and it is so. It is already done in your imagination. Then all you have to do now, is to live by faith and not by sight. 24/7

Seeing is believing but it is our faith that is the truth. Faith is being loyal to your unseen reality within.

Have a great and prosperous day

Always Imagine Greatness


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