Imagination Is Alive And Active Within You Right Now!

imagination-1024x768Imagination Is GOD! Imagination is alive and active within you right now. This is the truth that will set you free. The year 2013 has been a learning experience and a glorious year for me and I am already in the year 2014 prosperous and blessed.

I thank God (imagination) for all my blessings and all my hidden benefits. I give praise and glory to my all mighty living God my Imagination. My God (Imagination) made the impossible, possible for me this week. WOW!!! Its been a blessed 2013. 

If you will just believe and trust God (Imagination) you will see and experience the glory of God (Imagination) in your life and your experience will be marvelous before your very eyes. The Unseen God (imagination) will bless you in all your ways.

God (imagination) is alive and active within you right now. The spirit of truth is within you right now and is speaking to you right now. Trust the spirit of truth within you now.

When things don’t look as if its manifesting, always stand your ground and always live by faith and not by sight. Faith is being loyal to your unseen power or reality within you. Always trust God always trust Imagination. God (imagination) will never fail you.

God (imagination) is good all the time, It is always up to you. You have freewill, if you believe or you do not believe. The truth is, it will always be your choice and decision alone. You are the operant power. The choice and decision is always yours alone to make. You are a free spirit.

Remember not matter how negative or bad things look on the outside, trust God (Imagination) always stand your ground. when your mind offers you negative or limiting suggestions, consciously take control of your inner conversation and change your inner conversation and focus.

I want you to speak out and say to yourself. I cast all my care unto God (Imagination) who is within me. God ( Imagination) is my source and my only provider. Also Say If God is for me who can be against me.

Say I trust the power of creation that resides within me and I will always trust God (imagination). Your negative emotions will do everything to control you and cast doubts using negative suggestions. Always stand your ground and always focus on the power that is within you and this is very important and you must always live or walk by faith and not by sight.

God is spirit and those who believe or worship God (imagination) must worship God in spirit and in truth. Because the spirit of truth is within you and Christ (imagination) is the spirit of truth within you.

For the bible says it is impossible to please God (imagination) without faith. For the Just must live by faith.

I give glory and praise to the spirit of truth Christ (Imagination) that’s is within me.

I am thankful and I give praise and glory to Christ always.

Blessings Always.

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