Hello Friends,

I woke up early in the morning in Jamaica, I was inspired and I thought I share a very personal moment in my life. Waking up to the sun rise in Jamaica.

Please forgive me for the sound quality in this video, it shows how inexperienced I am when it comes to making video LOL!

I rarely make videos about me or anything, so this is an unedited video and this is me keeping it real and speaking the truth as I know it and I have experience the truth about the power of Imagination.

Wisdom is the master key to reality. I am all imagination. I AM THAT I AM!

Life is GOOD! Life is about living and sharing the moments. A moment in time is all imagination. A moment in imagination is a blessing. Moments are blessings!

I am blessed and I am reality now, I am living reality now. Now is Imagination, I am Imagination NOW!

I am life and life is Imagination!

Life is what you make it, Life is what you imagine. Life is here and now. I am Imagination now. I AM!

I Am Reality, Life and reality is what is happening now.

Reality is now and faith is being loyal to your unseen reality within.

I am now and I am reality. I am life and I am experience and my experience is my best teacher.

I am imagination called reality. Imagination is my life style 24/7.

Imagination is real and experiencing life from your imagination is reality.

I am what I imagine all day long.

As you believe in your heart (subconscious mind) so shall it be done unto you. Reality is now.

I am reality, I am all imagination. I am that I am.

Always imagine the best in everything.

Imagine Greater!

Blessings Always

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