Discipline Your Mind And Transform Your Reality!

tumblr_nqctebu5pX1tdybd2o1_500I am the master of my destiny. You must discipline your mind (Imagination) in order to be a master of your Universe.

Watch your words, the words I speak to you are spirit and life. Don’t be a slave to your feelings, you must always tell your feeling how to feel and make your feelings follow you!

Control your feeling and direct your feeling always. Do not serve your feelings and your feeling should always serve you.

Discipline Your Mind And Transform Your Reality! If you do not control and direct your feelings, The world system of control, people in your surroundings, Advertisements, TV, Radio, Print media, The Internet, The Corporate Media and The Political Media Propaganda Machine will control and direct your thinking and feeling for you.

Always remember it is our feeling that is the secret!

My Daily Affirmation:

I am doctor feel good and I tell my feeling how to feel!

Blessings Always 🙂

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