Believing Is Seeing!

  download (1)Begin to reverse the statement, Seeing is believing to believing is seeing. Waste no time trying to change the outside, change the within or the impression and the without or expression will take of itself.

When you pray believe that ye have received and it shall be so. All things are possible to him who believes.

Your desire can be likened to a seed and seeds contain within themselves both the power and the plan of self expression.

Therefore, lift yourself to the consciousness of your desire and you will see it automatically out-picture itself.

Be still and know that I AM is God. believe feel that I AM – Neville Goddard

A belief is a thought you hold in your mind. Whatever you believe creates your reality. As you believe in your heart (Imagination) so shall it done unto you. Everything is a state of mind. A belief is like a picture or image you plant in your imagination.

Belief is everything and we conquer fear through knowledge of the truth that imagination is reality and imagining creates reality and the spirit of truth or the kingdom of God is within you. I AM that I AM all Imagination. Always live by faith and not by sight. Faith is being loyal to your unseen reality within – Neville Goddard. Blessings Always

Thank you father (Imagination) for everything. Thank you father for all your hidden benefits. I give all praise and glory to you father. This is the day that The Lord has made I am rejoicing and glad in it. 🙂

I AM ( Your true self) is not interested in man’s opinion. Live your life and whatever you focus on you create. instead of out of sight out of mind, it really is out of mind out of sight.

Imagining creates reality. Imagination is reality and I am all imagination. I am that I am. blessing and prosperity always will follow me today.

Have a blessed day 🙂

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