All the answers you seek is within you!

7fa166d412ed3d71b1c0e2fde03b0f35Begin to live as though your prayers have already been answered, because You are a reflection of your Imagination. Your Imagination projects your reality. You are all Imagination.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge. Knowledge of self is the key to freedom. Self education is the best form of education.

Self discipline is the key to preparing your mind for the hidden blessings and benefits from God within Wisdom is found in those who take advice from God within.

For it is written in the book of the law the bible to seek ye first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness and everything will be added unto you. The kingdom of God is within.

Know yourselves you are children of the most high and as you believe and trust in the power and wisdom within you, absolutely nothing will be impossible to you, because with God within all things are possible and nothing is impossible to God.

The kingdom of God or the source of Creation is Within You.

Blessings Always

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