The Creative Higher Intelligence Is Within!

Creative power:
godloveThis section is of great importance and I ask you to realise it to the full, as it is on these foundations that the whole structure of the Practice of Mental Science is built.
We have seen that the only conceivable Primary Source of the Creation lies in Thought and that everything created is therefore a manifestation of the Originating Thought. Now we go a step further, in linking ourselves to the Powers that Be, when we realise that our own mind is therefore the manifestation of the originating Thought. In other words, our mind is a distributing centre for the entire Power-in-Action of the originating Thought.But we have the God-given Liberty of Volition, and we can therefore sum up our discovery by saying that, through our mind, we have at our disposal all the Power and Resource of the originating Spirit, which created all things seen and unseen.Herein, students of the Bible will find the real meaning of the statement that we are created in the image and likeness of God.Immediately following the appreciation of the foregoing sentences it becomes reasonable to ask “why then, with all this Power at our disposal, do we remain hindered and repressed by antagonistic environment? Or why, indeed, does antagonistic environment exist?”

To answer these questions effectively we must consider carefully what is known as “suggestion.”

In dealing with the subconscious mind we saw that the habitual liar comes to believe in their own lies. We decided that this was so because he or she had told the lie so often that it became a reality to them. This is what is meant by suggestion. A “suggestion” is a statement so repeated and enforced that it becomes for the subconscious mind a truth.

Now we can see the vicious circle in which we are. We look at the adverse conditions around us and give our subconscious mind a strong suggestion of limitation. People around us are suffering from poverty and disease and our subconscious mind assimilates the suggestion that such conditions constitute reality, and proceeds to evolve those conditions for us, unless we are strong enough to counter the negative suggestion with a sufficiently strong affirmative suggestion.

By adequate affirmative suggestion, we can alter our surroundings and a realisation of this fact is summed up in the phrase ”Nothing succeeds like success.” This simply means that the first small success acted as an affirmative suggestion which led to the next and perhaps slightly larger success. And so on, ad infinitum.

Having read all that has gone before we should be in possession of all those facts which will provide the means to an effective practice of Mental Science on our own lives.

An Interpolation
MANY books on Psychology are written in terms that savour of religion. The phraseology is ecclesiastical in tone and the words “God” “Christ,” “Heaven,” appear regularly and as an integral part of the teaching expounded. Those are the books that are right.So far, on this website, I have purposely avoided all direct reference to the Deity, but it could not be completed satisfactorily on those lines. The greatest handbook on Mental Science is the Bible and the Grand Master of Mental Science is Jesus Christ.Any books that are written on Psychology or Mental Science are, of necessity, plagiarisms. The whole Principle and Practice is given in detail right throughout the Bible and it remains the only sufficient guide to the Art of Living. When this fact is internationally recognized, evolution will speed to Perfection and the New Heaven and the New Earth will come.Man is a Unity with three modes of life—Spiritual, Psychic and Corporeal. The quality and efficacy of all our actions is the result of the interaction of Body, Soul and Spirit, and we must get very clearly set in front of us that all three modes of being are necessary. Over-emphasis on any one or two of these is sin. This is very easily seen if we adequately consider the matter.

To live only in the Physical aspect of our being is to become materialistic. We become limited to what can be realised by our physical senses alone. We should then be concentrating exclusively on that which is but a correspondence of the Perfect instead of on the Perfect itself.

An illustration such as we have used before will clarify the matter. Let us think of an artist who, in his imagination, conceives a perfect picture, but whose completed work falls far short of what he intended. He decides to make alterations. To do so successfully he must not simply regard the picture and say “what can I do to it?” He must recreate in his imagination the original intention and then compare. No constructive evolution, can be accomplished through materialism alone.

Secondly, let us suppose that, after studying Mental Science, you come to a genuine understanding of the Cosmic Universal Laws by obedience to which you can accomplish all things, and you ignore the Spiritual and Christian intention behind them. What is your position?

You are a magician and no more. You are a man of infinite power but finite wisdom.

Thirdly, concentration on the Spiritual aspect does, at first, look harmless enough, but its end is idolatry. Worship without Service is but vain idolatry.

In the practice of Mental Science as given below, keep before you the three modes of being and see to it that all three combine in all your thoughts and actions.

Within you is infinite Power and infinite Resource. Space or time or limitation need not exist for you. Use these gifts. You are intended to do so and are playing your part in the vast scheme of evolution by doing so, but use them for the highest good of humanity and for your own most perfect development. 

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