i am that iam11I tell you: behind the mask you wear is the only God. Divine Imagination reproduced himself in you as your human imagination; and because Divine Imagination contains all, everything is contained in the human imagination. One day you will awaken to this fact and discover that the world is yourself pushed out, just as the world is God pushed out.

As this knowledge awakens in you, you begin to expand in the bosom of Divine Imagination, for you – human imagination and God, Divine Imagination – are one creator.

Unable to pay rent, buy clothes, or feed your family because of the limitations of the body you now wear, you may find it difficult to believe that you are the Lord God of hosts – but you are. No one imposed this limitation on you; you did it all by yourself. You have the power to lay it down and the power to lift it up again.

You did it in order to expand your power and your wisdom, for your journey is one of constant expansion and you could not expand unless you first contracted. You have to reach the limit of contraction and opacity called Man, before you can break the shell to discover your true identity which is contained within that shell (body) you have been wearing. Then you – the God who created the world – will begin to expand beyond what you were when you decided to contract in order to expand. Everyone will succeed. Not one will fail!

The world thinks “above” is out there – but it is within. You came “out” by being born from below. Only by being born from “within” can you enter the kingdom of heaven. That withinness is from above, and that aboveness is the skull of Man. That’s where the spiritual birth takes place and there is no water present.

If you awake in a dream and know exactly who is imagining it, you can control your dream. The same thing is true in this world. Become aware that it, too, is a dream. Awake! Remember who is imagining it, and control your day. Then one day you will completely awake to find yourself in that body which is the Lord Jesus Christ, to know that everything is your imagination pushed out. The restriction you imposed upon yourself when you came here was for the purpose of expansion, for you could not expand until you first reached the limit of contraction and opacity called man.

The world is yourself pushed out, and you either control it or you don’t. That’s the story of scripture. There is no other God other than your own wonderful human imagination. If, when you speak of Jesus Christ, you mentally bow your head (if not physically) do the same thing when you think of your imagination, for that is he. Imagination is the Word of God who is God Himself. The world was created, is supported, and sustained, by your own wonderful human imagination. Change your imagining! Believe the change into being and you will live in a wonderful world of life.

Wisdom inspired by Neville Goddard

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