DO NOT BOW BEFORE THE DICTATE OF FACTS AND ACCEPT LIFE ON THE BASIS OF THE WORLD WITHOUT. Assert the supremacy of your IMAGINAL ACTS OVER FACTS and put all things in subjection to them. Hold fast to your ideal in your imagination. Nothing can take it from you but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized. Imagine only such states that are of value or promise well.

PRACTICE THE ART OF IMAGINING and you will discover you can go anywhere and enter any time without the aid of anyone. Move in your IMAGINATION, and people will respond because of your action. DARE TO ASSUME YOU ARE WEALTHY, AND WATCH EVERYONE PLAY THEIR PARTS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE WEALTH YOU CLAIM TO HAVE. They will, for they are only yourself pushed out

While you are here, you can ASSUME ANY DESIRE FOR YOURSELF AND THOSE YOU LOVE. Then you can dare to believe in what you have assumed. And IF YOU CONTINUE YOUR ASSUMPTION, YOU WILL EXPRESS IT. But you must BELIEVE, or you will die in your sins. Always talking to yourself, you are telling yourself that unless you BELIEVE you are the man you want to be, you will remain being the man you don’t want to be, thereby, dying in your sins.

TRUTH CANNOT BE ENCOMPASSED BY FACTS. As we awaken to the imaginative life, we discover that to imagine a thing is to make it so, that a true judgement need not conform to the external reality to which it relates.

– By Neville Goddard

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