There is only one power!

There is only one power ! Today, You can choose either death (suffering or negativity) or you can choose life ( freedom of positivity). The choice is always up to you.

Today, your thoughts and the words out of your mouth will determine if you will experience heaven or hell in your reality because this is the day that The Lord (I AM) has made.

The choice is always up to you. We all have free will to choose our state of mind.

Always control and discipline your mind to choose life and be good in all your ways.

As for me I always choose good thoughts and words. Because my Life is blessed and just too good to experience negativity.

I determine my own state of mind and Create my own reality everyday.

If it is going to be it is up me, because there is not other God besides me. I am that I am.

My will is already done today . Thank you father for a glorious and prosperous day. Amen

Blessing Always

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