The law of life is the law of belief!

The law of life is the law of belief. It is not the thing you believe in that brings about the results, it is the belief in your mind that brings about your goal and your results.

I am a servant (son) of the word. because In the beginning was the word and the word is God and the word of God always is unconditional love for ourselves and our neighbour.

Our words are alive and active, because out of my heart ( subconscious mind) flows the issues of life and death.
Always choose your thoughts and your words wisely, because as you believe in your heart (subconscious mind) so shall it be done unto you.

Your thoughts creates images that plays out in your Imagination and imagining creates reality and Imagination is reality. I am Imagination called reality. The future is now and now is reality!

Today, remember to act in faith and confidence in the word ( the word is the creative power and wisdom within symbolised as The Christ within)

The year 2017 is already blessed. Go out into the world today and succeed and prosper. Your will is already done. Amen

Blessings Always!

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