Never Ever Give Up!

imagesHi Friends,

I have been thinking about the loads of messages I have received this week, I just thought I share some of my thoughts and see if I can help the best way I know how to inspire and uplift my friends, All I can say is everything is good and well. You are already there, Just believe, that’s all you need is believe in self (Imagination)!

I have received loads of messages from friends who are saying they are trying everything and they are still in the same position and nothing seems to be working and they are getting tired and exhausted with life and they feel like giving Up!

Friends, I know exactly how you feel, I use to be homeless, Men!!! It was a very tough, difficult and a very painful experience for me while I was in that state of mind, I know how hard it is to rise from a very difficult position or situation in life, but the truth is that experience made who I am today.

When you are down and in the pits, It feels like you are all alone and nobody cares, you then start to doubt every move you make, it also feels like, when you take one step forward and it feels you are still going backwards.

I know the feeling, I have been in that state of mind, everything seems difficult and impossible, Trust me you are stronger than you think. Do what you have to do to get back on your feet. People will judge you and say negative things to you, let them talk, just ignore the world, mind your business and focus on your end goal. You can do anything you put your Imagination too.

Furthermore, you usually feel, the world is against you and there is no hope. your mind (Intellect) starts talking to you, making statements like why even try, why bother, its a waste of time, this is where self discipline and using positive self talk helps re-program your thoughts in your mind.

Positive Self Talk and Positive Virtualization are very powerful tools. Always Imagining the end is the key. Imagining creates reality. Imagination is reality. You have to see yourself there first in your imagination before you can experience that state in your physical reality.

Always remember everyday you are above ground is a blessing, you are still here, alive and active, you still have a soul and you are all Imagination Believe in your self and never ever give up. Remember as you believe in your heart so shall it be done unto you.

Please this very important, always, always be thankful for everything you get or have whether it is big or small in your life, every penny, every dollar and pound you have is a blessing, be thankful. it makes no difference just be gracious and thankful in all things. by saying using “Self Talk” Thank You, Thank You Father (imagination) for everything and in all things. Thank you father (Imagination) for all your hidden benefits and blessings. I give praise and glory to you always, you are my guide and my only true source of supply and I depend on you for everything. Trust me meditating on being thankful 24/7 will transform your mindset for good. Your life will never be the same again.

Everything in life grows like a seed, just take each day as it comes, one step at a time and always trust God ( Imagination) believe me nothing will be impossible to you and remember to always live by faith and not by sight. Be inspired now, you can do it. All you need is believe in yourself!

Be Inspire Watch this inspirational video. This is one of my favourite Inspirational video’s, it brings back a lot of memories be Inspired and absolutely nothing will be impossible to you if just believe.





Always imagine the best in everything!

Blessing Always 🙂

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