Imagination Is The Creative Power Of God Within You!

y7ou are God withinHi Friends, You are more powerful than you think. You are the temple of God, meaning God’s creative power resides within you. WOW! Think about that for a minute. Its means the creative intelligence that created the whole universe resides within you and you have access to this creative power right now. For you are I AM. “I AM the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me.” Isaiah 45:5.

You are God, you are the creator of your reality. You are the only operant power. You are the only one responsible for life. There is nobody to thank, praise or blame but yourself. Because you are gods children of the most high. You already hold the key to the heaven and earth.

For the kingdom of God and Heaven is within you and the key is your human imagination. Imagination is the creative power of God the father within you. Imagination is the key to your freedom and salvation. My father and I are one. You are christ (imagination) and christ is the spirit of truth within and you are christ the power and wisdom within. I am all imagination and I have total and absolute control over how I use my Imagination, my power within.

We were all born kings and Queens. But the control freaks and gatekeepers and the so called masters of this world control system have trained you to believe in this man made system of control and taught majority to believe in illusions. Love is everything and everything else is illusions. There is only one law and that is the law of imagination, man made laws are nothing but illusions.

The law of imagination is plain and simple, you will always reap what you sow in imagination. Like the law of gravity what goes up must come down. The universal law of cause and effect. Your imagination is like a mirror, imagination will always reflect back to you, what you put out. And your reality is the reflection of your imagination. There is nobody to thank or blame but yourself. If you sow positive seeds(thoughts/images) you will get positive results and if you sow negative seeds(thoughts/images) you will get negative results.

The choice is yours alone. Your imagination is your garden within. Choose wisely what seeds you sow in your garden within. The gatekeepers of this world system of control have enslaved and imprisoned your minds through propaganda using multi media platforms like organised religion, the media, television, radio, the internet and cultural superstition, man made laws and regulations, even our education system has been used to manipulate and control the minds of humanity.

Its time we teach our children how to think for themselves and stop letting the world control system imprison the minds of our children, we all need to wake up from our slumber and start thinking for ourselves and making conscious decisions on how to live our lives daily. You are God start thinking and acting like the creator. For you are the creative higher intelligence, created in the image of imagination.

Absolutely nothing will be impossible to you if you believe in God, for the kingdom of God is within you. As you believe in your heart (imagination) so shall it be done unto you. You are the operant power. Wake up!! You are God! Just believe this simple truth and this is the truth that will set you free. PERIOD!

I am that I am. If I am hurt, I am self hurt. If there is darkness in my world, I created the darkness and the gloom and the depression. If there is light and joy, I created the light and the joy. There is no one but this I AMness that does all. The choice is yours alone to make, for you are the operant power.

I can only show you the door (Imagination) it is you alone that have to walk through it. Just believe and you will see the glory of God (Imagination) in your life. Imagination is God and I am all Imagination.

All change and transformation begins from within. Now begin now to live by faith and not by sight and all will be well with you. I AM THAT I AM.

Blessings Always!

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