You Become What You Feed Your Imagination!

realityYour imagination responds to your belief. According to your believe be it is done unto you. A belief is a thought in your mind. Belief is everything and you achieve your desires by focusing on your positive expectations always.

Feeling Is the secret. Faith is a feeling of certainty. Seeing is believing. But It Is the feeling that’s the truth. Whatever you impress in your imagination, you create in your reality. Always Imagine a happy ending to everything you experience in your imagination because imagining creates reality.

You become what you feed your mind (Imagination). You cannot feed the mind violence and not expect violence in the world. The television, the movies, press and Multi-media platforms all sell you propaganda. THE TV program guide is not called TV guide or TV program guide by accident.

The Images you see on the TV BOX or movie screen programs your perception of reality. The TV Box is a control tool. Unplug now! and start watching the best programmes in your Imagination there by re programming your mind and transforming your reality from inside out.

There is no fiction. Fiction is defined as an imaginary construction which is unreal – as opposed to truth, or reality. But what is real and what is imaginary when, in a spiritual sense, all existing things are imaginary. – Neville Goddard.

Feed your mind a certain idea for one week and you will change its structure. Continue for two weeks and you will be well fed on lovely thoughts. You see, this is a fictitious world and you are its author.

Nothing is impossible! It’s all fiction anyway, so live nobly and dream beautiful dreams; for you are all imagination, and your human imagination is the Lord God, Jesus – the Christ.

I AM the light of the world. greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. You must have no other God besides me. For the kingdom of God is within. I AM the temple of God. God is love and love is an attitude you express from within. So as you believe in your heart so shall it be done unto you.

You Must Reap What You Sow Within. That’s The Law. There nothing but God for God is love, and love is an attitude of heart. True love is an expression of who you truly are.

We are all Imagination, always remember to imagine the best in everything. Imagination is reality and imagining creates reality!


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