Our destiny is written before us in the stars!

masterkeywisdomHi Friends,

Do you know this is happening RIGHT NOW? Our destiny is written before us in the stars.

This is your wake up call! Awaken your Imagination Now!!

The Spiritual Revolution is happening right now and Supernatural experiences and events are taking place and happening within us right now.

Begin now to live in Love and walk by faith and not by sight. Seeing is believing, but it is the Spirit (Imagination) within that is the truth.

The future is here and now. Now is the time to live according to the Courage of your Convictions. Now is reality.

Glorious Manifestations are happening right now and these hidden benefits and blessings will be glorious before our eyes.

The time is now and Imagination is reality and imagining creates reality. Always imagine the best in everything.

Live your life now. All we have is now.

Have a glorious week.

Love & Blessings Always 🙂

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