My Every Thought Is A Vibration!!!

lovevibMy every thought is a vibration, drawing to me that which it is implying. This Vital Principle was set up in the beginning. “As a man sows, so shall he reap.” It’s the law of identical harvest, called “seedtime and harvest” There will be no change. You plant apple seed, you will reap apple. Plant orange seeds and it  will grow into an orange tree, Everything flow and is caused by the human imagination.

As you imagine you vibrate and call forth that which you have imagined. Your world is forever bearing witness to what you are imagining. You may not recognize your harvest and deny you have ever had such a horrible thought, but no one did it to or for you, you did it yourself.

Everyone will bear the consequences of their imaginal acts, good, bad or indifferent. And you can try from now until the end of time to change the outside, but only when you change your way of thinking can you change your world.

Give people something on the outside to support them and you have conditioned their world and they will curse you when you stop your support. But show people how to use their imagination to attract what they want and you have given them the gift of life.

Individual man, having been conditioned to believe that God is somewhere in space as someone on the outside, cannot believe that everything he beholds is within him. But it is. Universial wisdom teaches us all that “The Truth is The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within”.

At the present time three and a half billion of us walk the earth, individualized believing the world is taking place independent of our perception, we do not realize that our dreams are projecting themselves on this screen of space, and that we are in conflict with our dreams.

One day truth will awaken within you and all of your confusion will end. and you will finally realise and know that the confidence you have in yourself is the confidence of God expression. Now I know I must be the change I am searching for in humanity.

Here is an Action Step for you: When you notice your old self-talk, pivot off that and imagine better feeling thoughts. Become a magnet to what you desire and you will start attracting more of what you desire in your experience.

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